A Weekend in Mystic, Connecticut

I hope you followed along this weekend as my husband and I took a little adventure to Mystic, Connecticut.


This town is known by far more than Mystic Pizza. From the culinary scene to the nightlife, this old, sleepy, fishing village is booming.

Below are the highlights on where we stayed, what we did, and (most importantly) what we ate:

Where We Stayed:

The Whaler’s Inn – Anytime we are in Mystic, we stay at the Whaler’s Inn. It’s conveniently located steps from the Mystic Drawbridge and has gotten quite the facelift in the past couple of years. We love the Nautical decor, the free *fresh* baked chocolate chip cookies at reception, and the fact that we can walk anywhere in town from it! They have 4 different buildings for rooms: The Main House, The Noank House, The Stonington House, and The 1865 House. We’ve stayed in both the Main House and The Stonington House and have enjoyed both.


What We Did:

We normally only go to Mystic for a weekend since it is such a close drive from our home (about an hour and a half without traffic). Saturday is typically our only full day to explore. On previous trips we have visited the Mystic Seaport Museum, the Mystic Aquarium, and the Olde Mystic Village. This time around we headed out to Watch Hill, RI to have lunch at Ocean House (more on that below). Watch Hill is conveniently located only 20 minutes from Mystic and offers beaches and a quaint village filled with shops and bakeries. If you want to go to the beach (called East Beach), there is parking for $25 just a short walk from the beach entrance. We arrived around 11am and there was plenty of parking still available. What I loved the most about Watch Hill was admiring the homes and the stunning views of the ocean.

After our day in Watch Hill we headed back to Mystic for an afternoon sail on the Schooner Argia. The schooner took us out to Fishers Island Sound as the crew shared history and stories about the coastline and the lighthouses in the area. The waters are very calm in Fishers Island Sound so it’s suitable for all ages. They offer snacks and refreshments on board and you are welcome to bring beer or wine.

What We Ate:

Ford’s Lobster in Noank – This is ALWAYS our first stop off the highway. Unfortunately dock seating wasn’t available yet but it was still delicious. I always get the lobster bomb with lobster bisque. Andrew got the crab cake melt which was also delicious!

The Treehouse at Oyster Club – We love Oyster Club traditionally for their creative farm to table dishes and the freshest oysters in the area. Then we discovered The Treehouse and fell even more in love! Situated in the trees, The Treehouse is the perfect place for a cocktail and some farm fresh small bites (they do also serve main dishes but we like to pick and linger). The Treehouse is first come first serve, but tables do turnover quickly.

Sift – Skip the sit down breakfast and head to Sift for their famous pastries. I love their chocolate croissants and lemon scones. Their iced coffee is really good too! Psst…they recently opened a location in Watch Hill!

Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI – Even if you aren’t a guest at this gorgeous Relais & Chateaux hotel you can still enjoy the grounds by eating at one of their many restaurants. Such as the Verandah, which is where we had lunch. Get there early and you can have lunch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is at the Verandah that we enjoyed French Onion Crab Dip, a Kale Chopped Salad, and a Hot Lobster Roll. All delicious! Following lunch, we asked our server for directions to the Veuve Cliquot Secret Garden which is located on the property. The prices for a cocktail are little steep but the experience was worth it!

Grass & Bone – this Butcher Shop/Eat-In/Take-Out spot opened late last year and we were so excited to try it out. It’s definitely more casual. We were looking for something low key, so it was perfect for what we wanted that night. But if you are looking to go “out” to dinner, this would be more appropriate as a lunch spot for you. Since I am Vegetarian at the moment, I got the oyster mushroom sandwich. And it was really good! Andrew got the Thai Soup and Kielbasa platter which he enjoyed as well.

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream – Obviously no wrong choices here.





Freestyle Friday

After a much needed Instagram hiatus, I am back online and getting ready to head out to Mystic, CT with my husband. It’s the first time we have been back since getting married there in October. I am so ready for a lobster bomb from Ford’s, an afternoon sail on the Argia, and a ice cold beer at the Harp and the Hound with some live music playing.

Below is this week’s Freestyle Friday which includes a beautiful article from Goop addressing Postnatal Depletion, the importance of keeping your glutes strong (and exercises to do so), and of course some items I am currently lusting over.

Have a great weekend everyone ❤

  1. I had never heard of postnatal depletion (different than postpartum depression) until it was addressed on Goop this week. This article claims you can still feel the effects of unresolved postnatal depletion up to 10 years after having your child. Thankfully, they have found a way to cure it.
  2. I’ve been reigniting my passion for health and wellness lately (and buying ALL the books on Amazon to deepen my knowledge on the subject). I loved this article on The Coveteur.
  3. I found this article really interesting about the homelessness issue in San Fran. It’s amazing how quickly real estate prices have increased in that area and unfortunately, New York City is not far behind them.
  4. As a runner, I suffer from major glute weakness. I found this article on MindBodyGreen really helpful and hope to incorporate the exercises into my routine.
  5. Tuckernuck just came out with their lookbook for June and I WANT EVERYTHING.
  6. I also made my husband buy me this and I can’t be more excited for it. It’s the little things…

Freestyle Friday

Welcome to the first installment of Freestyle Friday!

Every week on Friday I will be sharing some of my favorite articles I read, things that I learned, and products I have my eye on.

We’re gearing up for Memorial Day over here and I could not be more excited for a long weekend. I plan on spending tomorrow all day at the pool and Sunday we have our very first Jack & Jill baby shower! I’m excited that Andrew will finally be able to join me for one.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and wishing a safe journey to all those who are traveling!

  1. This article from Darling Magazine came to me right when I needed it. Kindness can go a long way and it is always needed.
  2. Who knew massaging kale was so important?
  3. Even if you weren’t blown away by the dress, you’ll enjoy the story behind Meghan Markle’s (The Duchess of Sussex) wedding dress. Anyone else in royal wedding withdrawals?
  4. Everything is on sale at J. Crew and I am loving this, this, and this.
  5. Was The Great Gatsby home actually Westport, CT and not in Long Island??
  6. Can’t wait to make this Vegan Pad Thai
  7. An eye opening read about farm raised fish.

My Favorite Summer Getaways

Mystic, Connecticut – An obvious #1 on my list. Mystic will forever hold a special place in my heart since my husband and I got married there this past October. Although beautiful all year round, this town comes alive during the summer. Our favorite restaurants are S&P Oyster Co., the tree house at Oyster Club, The Engine Room, and Red 36. Go for a day sail on the Argia. Get ice cream at the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shop. Take a 10 min drive to Watch Hill and have lunch at Ocean House. Our favorite places to stay are the Whalers Inn and Steamboat Inn. Both are conveniently located right in town, allowing you to walk to most of the attractions and restaurants.


Block Island, RI – We went here when I was a kid before we moved to Kentucky. I am still hoping to go back ASAP. When I do go back, I will be staying at The Spring House Hotel. Or of course Airbnb is always an option!

Block Island

Newport, RI – Another very special place to our family! My sister and brother in law were married here in 2011. It’s such a beautiful and legendary town! Make sure to stop by the KJP Flagship Store in Bowen’s Wharf and the Pink Pineapple Shop. Our favorite place to eat will always be Brick Alley Tavern. It’s also on my list to have drinks at Castle Hill Inn on their Adirondacks!


LBI – Low key, no fuss. My husband vacationed here when he was a kid with his entire family. What I love about it is that you can essentially walk everywhere, is so kid-friendly, and has beautiful beaches for the northeast. Don’t forget to go to Dairy King every night!


Myrtle Beach, SC – We’ve been going to Myrtle Beach as a family for the past 11 years. Specifically we stay in Pawley’s Island, which is south of the very touristy Myrtle Beach. I love that this trip is just under 2 hours by plane, the beaches are incredible, and coming from New York it’s pretty nice to change our pace for a week. Murrell’s Inlet is the place to be for dinner, just make sure to either make a reservation or be prepared to wait for tables as it is very crowded during the summer. We stay at Litchfield by the Sea, which is great for apartment and house rentals, all in a private community with private beach.


Lancaster, NH – My friend’s family has a house here that has been in their family for generations. I haven’t been since my early 20’s but it’s still one of my favorites. There is just something about New Hampshire. The nature, the water, the hiking…it is all so peaceful. I’ll never forget those summers where we water skied, canoed, and camped the days away. It’s still on my bucket list to stay at the Omni Mount Washington Resort, which is a short drive away.


Summer Reading List


I love reading. It’s one of my favorite ways to wind down from the day. A typical Pisces, I get revived from escaping into another world entirely.

I recently started reading on our mini iPad instead of buying books. Simply because I can’t seem to figure out what to do with the books I have finished. I have them stuffed in drawers and in closets. So to save space and waste, I have started reading on the iPad. Though I do miss the tactile experience of reading an actual book…so we’ll see how long that lasts.

This summer I want to read at least 6 books. That is 2 books a month. Right now, I read about a book a month.  So this will be stepping up my speed quite a bit.

Below are the books I am looking to conquer, learn from, and experience in the next few months:

  1. The Lying Game by Ruth Ware – I loved The Woman in Cabin 10 and In a Dark, Dark Wood, so I’m pretty sure I’ll love this one too. If you’re into psychological thrillers (think Gone Girl) then you’ll love this author.
  2. Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk – Just about every blogger and entrepreneur I follow has been raving about this book. I try to be into more business minded material, but it’s really difficult for me. So here is me trying something different!
  3. Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazzarecommended by fellow blogger Mackenzie Horan! I’ve heard that it is very funny and is a much lighter load than the rest on this list.
  4. The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks – I’ve had this book sitting on my nightstand since last year, so I finally want to finish it.
  5. 1776 by Davidl McCullough – Another one that has been sitting on my nightstand collecting dust! I started it immediately after watching an American Revolution mini-series, so it was kind of overkill. Now that it has been a while, I am ready to dive into this piece of art.
  6. The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll – I LOVED her first book (The Luckiest Girl Alive) so to say that I am excited about this release is an understatement.


What is on your reading list for the summer?

Tea Time


With the royal wedding approaching this Saturday I am finding myself obsessed with ALL things royal. Since it is very likely that I will never be an official royal (though one can dream) I try to think of creative ways to treat myself and act in ways that royals do. One of my favorite ways to do this is to enjoy a beautiful cup of tea!

I have always loved tea. Most Moms I know drink coffee, but mine has always drank tea. In the evenings, when I was a child, she would sometimes make me a cup of Sleepy Time tea. From there my obsession with tea grew.

What I love most about tea is that there is one for whatever you need and whatever mood you are in. Whether you need to detox, create some positive energy, or simply relax. There’s a tea for that!

To make tea time extra special (and extra royal) I use a teapot, with teacups AND saucers. And you might as well go all out and serve some finger sandwiches and scones!


Some of my favorite teas are:

  1. Tumeric by Traditional Medicinals (a wonderful anti-inflammatory)
  2. Lemon Ginger Green Tea by Yogi Tea (an afternoon pick me up)
  3. Chamomile with Lavender by Traditional Medicinals (perfect for bedtime)
  4. Everyday Detox by Traditional Medicinals (a detoxifying way to start the day)
  5. Earl Grey by St. Dalfour (a wonderful caffeine replacement for coffee)

Do you drink tea? What is your favorite kind?

Our Mother’s Day

kathleen flowers

We hosted our families for Mother’s Day this past weekend and I was determined to eat out on our patio since we had just installed a new fence and new sod! So we threw up a tent over the patio and hoped for the best! I honestly think it turned out so lovely.


As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram, my husband and I LOVE to entertain and throw parties. Mother’s Day is no exception! Normally we would plan out an extravagant meal to cook with plenty of apps and sides, but we decided to go a different route this time around and order majority of the food from catering.

We ordered our apps, sides, and desserts from Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua, New York. Everything was SO delicious and look at that cake!!

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

My husband, always the loving chef, made a gorgeous cedar plank salmon and a filet to accompany the catering. Everything was so perfect and delicious. We even have plenty of leftovers to enjoy for dinner the rest of the week.

For decor, I went very simple with blue and white. I found these gingham and navy tablecloths on Amazon and we filled my Mor-Mor’s happiness jars with blue and white hydrangeas.  I highly recommend in investing in white cotton cloth napkins. I purchased these a few years ago from Amazon (always coming through!!) and I use them ALL the time. They are surprisingly easy to clean and they go with EVERYTHING.


Of course I also had my outfit match the decor with this navy top from Tuckernuck, a blue and white Hermes scarf, White J. Crew Jeans, and these Ginger Jar earrings

What did you do for Mother’s Day?