I Get By With A Little Help From My….

I’ve never been much of a supplement girl.

I’ve tried, I really have.

This time around, however, I’m determined to make them stick.

A friend recently introduced me to Wildly Successful Health Coaches and although the course doesn’t start until January, I have been fully submersed in the multitude of Q&A’s and case studies available.

What’s great about this course is that it brings scientific proof into your practice through reading blood tests, understanding the human body (thank goodness for my history in anatomy and physiology courses), and through supplements.

I’ve been supportive of supplements as an addition to a varied, healthy diet. But I never realized how useful they can be in individual cases. You can literally pick out pick out what is bothering you (as simple as soreness and a bad mood) and create a natural medicine cabinet totally tailored to your specific needs. These aren’t things made in a lab either, supplements are all things that your body naturally makes or they come from things made by the earth, which is pretty cool stuff. They are there for you when your body needs an added boost.

The more I have been learning about supplements, the more I have been wanting to use them more frequently.

Creating a new routine can be difficult, but sometimes you just need a little accountability! So, here I am telling you all about it, so I stick to my word (seriously, ask me about them). It also helps to create a reminder somewhere that you’ll see it. Such as your GMail calendar or your phone.

Here are the supplements I’ve been incorporating into my daily routine:

  • Ashwaganda: This is a powerful herb that has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners. I’ve actually been using it quite frequently since I started my M-F desk job. It helps the body adapt to any psychological or physiological stress–giving you peace of mind and an attitude of “I can handle anything”. I take it when I’m feeling a bit run down by work or when I know I am going to have a chaotic day. This herb can also promote healthy cycles for women, and treats some PMS symptoms. But, please note, it is advised that it not be taken by pregnant women.
  • Magnesium: Did you know majority of us are deficient in Magnesium? Yup, we are. And who knew it was so important? It actually attributes to over 1000 functions in our bodies. It helps calcium go directly into our bones, promotes heart health, supports liver functioning and relaxes tense muscles. I’ve taken this when I’ve had a sore back and it works like a charm! If you have no problems moving your bowels get Magnesium Glycerite. If you’re feeling a little “backed up” go for Magnesium Citrate as it has some natural laxative properties.
  • D-Mannose: This supplement is actually very new to me. I discovered it while reading a Q&A regarding sponge kidney. It is used as a daily supplement to decrease the incidence of UTI’s. If you’ve had a severe UTI like me, you’ll know that your kidneys have never really been the same (sore back in the morning?). You may have also become more susceptible to them. I’m making it a goal to support my kidneys as much as I can so that they last me for the rest of my life. To promote kidney health this could be a vital supplement along with reducing sugar intake, increasing intake of citrate (such as lemon juice in water), and regularly flushing the kidneys with clean water.

I’ve also been considering adding a B-Complex (enhances mood), Vitamin D (great if you sit under fluorescent lights all day like this girl) and Chlorella (for when I need some added greens and detox in my life).

Do you take supplements? Have you had a positive experience with them? I would love to hear about it!

To Added Support,

The Wellness Maven

Daily Inspiration- Spring Detox Tip

no dairy

Do you have seasonal allergies?

If you do then you might benefit from limiting your dairy consumption.

It’s no secret that the majority of the population is allergic to dairy. In fact, only 40% of us continue to produce lactase after childhood (Statistic Brain). Lactase is the enzyme that allows us to digest the main sugar in milk, lactose. But what a lot of people forget is that eating dairy produces inflammation and mucus in the body. So all of that mucus in your head and lungs around allergy season (or throughout the rest of the year)? It could all be decreased with limiting your intake of dairy.

A common misconception is that you can only get Vitamin D and Calcium from dairy, which is simply not true. Just 15 minutes in the sun will give you your daily recommendation of Vitamin D and if you are really concerned, supplements are easy to get at your local drug store. Calcium can also be found in other sources such as:

-Broccoli (contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of whole milk + absorbs better)





-Cabbage (outer green leaves)

-Dandelion greens (contains twice the amount of broccoli!)

Just to name a few.

The only way for you to know whether you are lactose intolerant is to go on an elimination diet. Remove it from your diet for two weeks and then slowly begin to incorporate it again. But this time, pay close attention to how it makes you feel soon after you consume it. Do you have stomach aches? Gas? Nausea? Do you get phlegmy? Start to get to know your body.

People are also reluctant to give up dairy because we have such a love for it in our society. It is on almost all of our favorite junk foods. But what people don’t know is that there are so many amazing alternatives to help satisfy these cravings!

Make soft serve out of frozen bananas. Simple peel and free 1-2 bananas for 5+ hours, place them in a blender with a dash of almond milk and blend until smooth! You can even add peanut butter or dark chocolate chips to sass it up a little bit. Whip up some whipped coconut cream from whole condensed coconut milk and you have yourself a sundae!

Use avocado for cream sauces in pasta, I swear you will never go back. A killer recipe to try is Here

-The sound of Cashew Cheese might turn you off but even my meat, potatoes, and pasta boyfriend LOVES it! Plus it’s easy and can last a while in the fridge. A great recipe to try can be found Here. It calls for a food processor, but a blender will work just fine 😉

So, test it out and see how you feel. Chances are, you will feel 10ox better!

Happy Spring and Love

Recipe of the Week- Super Spring Noodles

super spring noodles


If you haven’t had soba noodles but you love pasta you should jump on this train A.S.A.P. There are two different kinds you can buy:

100% Buckwheat soba noodles or 50% Whole Wheat 50% Buckwheat

Although 100% Buckwheat is certainly the way to go, especially if you are gluten sensitive, they tend to run at a high price. So I settle for the 1/2 and 1/2 version, which you can usually find for $1.99 a package. How can you beat that? Soba noodles also cook very quickly, so they are a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to cook. They can be found in any health food store or asian grocery.

This recipe is called Super Spring Noodles because it incorporates some essential greens that are available to us at this time of year and aid us through the natural detox process of spring. Spring is a sign of renewal and it is present everywhere, even within ourselves. A lot of people are resistant to experimenting with these types of greens, so this can be an easy and delicious way to incorporate them.

What you will need:

-a package of soba noodles (see picture at right)soba

-unrefined coconut oil

-2 cloves of garlic

-2 stalks of kale

– Hanful of dandelion greens

-Alfalfa sprouts

For the Sauce:

-Olive oil


-Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce

-Dijon Mustard

-Honey (preferably raw)

What to do:

– First order of business is to slice your veggies. Remove the kale from the stems (save these for a snack or for fresh juice!). I like to cut my kale into thin strips so that they resemble the noodles. Dandelion greens can have a bitter taste so I dice those into smaller pieces.

-In a saute pan, place a tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 chopped cloves of garlic over medium heat.

-Start to boil the water for your noodles.

-Once you can smell the aroma of the garlic you can add your greens. They won’t be on for long and don’t overcook them, you want to make sure that they keep their essential nutrients. Add a dash of salt and pepper.greens

-Add the noodles to the boiling water.

-When the greens start looking more vibrant they are ready. Immediately turn off the heat to the stove.

-Check your noodles! They should only take a couple of minutes to cook. Strain when they become tender.

-Put noodles back in the pot and add your greens to them.

-Whisk together 1/4 cup of olive oil, tablespoon of soy sauce or Bragg’s liquid aminos, 1/2 teaspoon of sriracha, 1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard, and a teaspoon of honey.

-Pour the sauce over the noodles and greens.

-Put in a bowl and top with a pinch of alfalfa sprouts

Eat, enjoy and reap the benefits!

This serving is only for 1 person, so multiply to suit your needs.

I know that these greens aren’t appealing to everyone. But I guarantee once you learn the benefits of them you will want to eat them as often as you can.

Dandelion greens are  one of the superheroes of our produce. They can help lower blood sugar for people with diabetes. They are antiviral and help treat gout, acne, and cirrhosis. They have also been proven to help prevent and treat breast and lung tumors. How could you not want these in your life? They are also inexpensive. I buy a bundle a week, and they cost me about $2.00.

Sprouts are amazing because they are flourishing with chlorophyl and enzymes. Chlorophyll is what all natural things thrive on, including the cells in our bodies. Chlorophyll provides oxygen for our blood which in turn gives us  more energy. And enzymes are essential for getting the vitamins and nutrients in our food to the places in the body that they are needed most.

Garlic is so powerful that it can even eliminate snack venom. It is also antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-fungal.

Kale is the new It-Veggie, which is totally ok with me! Kale can help prevent colon cancer, is also rich in chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamins A and C, and calcium.

So many benefits that we don’t even have to touch on how stellar buckwheat and coconut oil are for you as well!

If you aren’t into spicy dishes, feel free to ditch the sriracha.

And add some nutritional yeast if you usually like a little parmesan on your pasta.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and Happy Renewal!



Daily Inspiration


There isn’t much that needs to be said after this quote. It’s one of my favorites.

The past doesn’t matter. There’s no use in holding on to things that went ‘wrong’ because they are exactly as they should be.

Tomorrow doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is something you have no control over yet. And tomorrow will be exactly as it should be.

What can you do today? To inspire others. To show that you are full of love. To show why you are here. Even if something doesn’t go ‘right’ how can you change your reaction to it?

Trust that we don’t know the big picture of our lives and that it will all make sense in the end. Don’t fight it. Flow and trust.

Happy Good Friday 🙂

Daily Inspiration


Sleep is the best meditation

-Dalai Lama

As we say goodbye to the strongest point of the full moon I wanted to touch on the importance of sleep, especially during full and new moons. Sleep is essential for your body. I know you know this, but how many of us get our full 8 hours?
Sleep is our body’s time to repair itself, to process everything that has gone in during the day, and detox. Even though we are sleeping our bodies are working hard and so are our brains. Without sleep we are tired, depressed, and most likely overweight.
If you are not feeling well, sleep. How often do we feel something coming on and can just ‘sleep it off’? I did this yesterday. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I spent the entire day in the city, trying yoga studios for yoga training. On my way home I began to feel ill and began to pale. I ate dinner, grabbed some ginger and lemon tea, and went straight to bed. This morning I woke up at 6 and felt like a new woman. It made me think of how beautiful sleep is an how much we need it.
If you can’t get 8 hours, get 7 at the least. And if you have problems going to sleep try some relaxation techniques. Such as breathing exercises, drinking chamomile tea, smelling some lavender, or repeating a quiet mantra as you lay with your eyes closed.

How many hours do you get a night?

Daily Inspiration-Monster Moons + A Simple Meditation for Protection

Full Moon
When God gives good times, He wants you to forget him and sleep. When God gives you bad times, He wants you to wake up and face him.
-Yogi Bhajan

<div style="text-align:center;" Tonight is a full moon and we can already feel the effects. Full Moons can be a beautiful disaster area. They are meant to help you release the old, to dream big, and embrace the new. But letting go can also be hard.

Depending on where this full moon is it can also bring hardship. It can bring out things that you have been ignoring, things that need to be dealt with and then tossed away.
I had an interesting experience yesterday, without even knowing it was a full moon. It began with a dream I had on Monday night, where it was dark and the bridge I was supposed to cross was flooded. I spent the rest of the dream attempting to swim to the other side (a lot of representation here). As I woke I pushed the dream out of my mind and went about my day. But I didn’t feel like myself, I felt disconnected and couldn’t bring myself back. As I thought about this later in astrological terms I realized that I am a Pisces and my moon, which governs my emotions, is Aquarius. Pisces is a water sign and although an Aquarius is an air sign, they are known as the water bearers. This could explain why I was more affected by this moon than others. I couldn’t figure out how to shake this funk I was in. I was hoping some aromatherapy would help. I had just bought 4 new candles at a local new age type store. The 4 I bought were Inspiration, Protection, Blessing, and Water. I was drawn to the Water candle and thought if I lit it would help me “go with the flow” and be more fluid, just like water. A shift occurred after I lit this candle and a difficult experience was thrown into my lap. At first I was upset, I thought there was just no hope for today and I should just go to bed and wait for tomorrow. But the more I thought about it and thought of where the day had taken me, I realize I had been guided to that moment. It was actually a lesson and I was so lucky to have discovered it. So in true Full Moon fashion, I let go.
As the puzzle came together, it was such a relief. I felt protected by the universe and I can still feel that protection now. I practiced a short meditation this morning that I wanted to share. You could do this for 5-10 minutes or longer. It would be great to do at any stressful moment in your life or during full moons.
The mantra is “I am protected by love”
-Sit in a comfortable position
-Close your eyes
-Begin to become aware of your breath
-Inhale through your nose to the count of 3
-Hold for 3
-Exhale the breath for 3
-Repeat that 2 more times
-Let your body relax starting from your feet, to your legs, to your bottom, to your torso, then your shoulders, then your head.
-Imagine that a forcefield is around you. It can be any color and any shape. But negativity cannot come through. Only Love.
-Begin to repeat the mantra “I am protected by love”
-Sit, breath, and if your thoughts wander come back to the mantra
-When the time has passed (keep an alarm on your phone or something), let go of the mantra
-Come back to your breath
-Open your eyes to the count of 6
-And Smile 🙂
How has the full moon effected you this month?