The First Step to Closet Organization


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Twice a year I get the wild urge to purge my closet and completely re-organize it. Getting rid of things that are taking up space just brings me so much joy. I know this can’t be as easy for everyone, but I highly suggest you give it a try.

In my last venture into organizing my closet, I adopted the Konmari Method, though I have to admit I don’t think I let go of as much as I could have. Lately, my soul has been yearning for a more minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalist =

less things | more clarity | more joy | more gratitude | more fulfilling experiences

Which brings me to the first step of closet organization: letting things go.

This past Sunday I purged my closet like never before. I got real with myself about the things I was holding onto in my closet. I separated everything into “Donate”, “Sell”, “Keep”, “Not Sure”. The “Not Sure” pile is to be kept in a bin in the attic for 6 months. Whatever I don’t use in that 6 months, gets tossed or donated.

Now that I have my closet in order, I want to keep it that way. So I’ve also adopted a couple of new rules for when I am shopping:

  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Do I already own something like it and if so, is it in good condition and do I use it?
  3. If I buy it, I commit to the 1 in and 1 out rule.

The other best part about cleaning out your closet? A trip to The Container Store. Luckily, I did a Container Store shop the last time I cleaned out my closet about 6 months ago, so there wasn’t much that I needed to organize what I had.

My top tip for shopping at The Container Store? Go with a list and a plan. It can be TOO easy to come home with items that you will never end up using.

Happy Organizing!

Closet Organization Photo

1. 2 Shelf Shoe Stacker | 2. Case of Clear Drop Front Shoe Boxes | 3. Drop Front Sweater Box | 4. Wooden Hangers | 5. Hat Boxes | 6. Handbag Storage Bin | 7. Napa Woven Storage Bin | 8. Clear Hanging Garment Bag | 9. Boot Shapers | 10. Pandan Shirt Box

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