Freestyle Friday Vol. 8


Welp, I don’t know about you guys, but I have had A WEEK. A couple of  12 hour work days, lack of sleep, and PMS can really take a toll on a girl. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend of BBQ-ing and cleaning out my closet. There’s nothing that makes me feel more refreshed and aligned than getting rid of excess items in the house. I’m thinking of posting them all to Poshmark, would you guys be into that?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday so far and that you have an even better weekend! Share your plans with me in the comments!

Freestyle Friday Vol. 8:

  1. I really loved this article and perspective on infidelity on The Cut.
  2. As I am gearing up for our trip to France at the end of the month, it’s had me thinking about what I am going to pack! I will definitely be using this easy guide to minimalist packing from MindBodyGreen.
  3. Due to Social Media and Pinterest our generation has a infatuation with PERFECTION. Which can be great, at times. But it is also leading to record high numbers of depression and low self worth. I found this article really helpful.
  4. Did you know you can buy plants on Amazon!? I went a little nuts this week and bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig, a Snake Plant, and Aloe. Wish me luck on keeping them alive!
  5. Did you catch my post on transitional floral dresses that you can take from summer to fall?

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