Freestyle Friday Vol. 7


This week’s Freestyle Friday is jam packed. There was so much quality content on the internet this week that I wanted to share. I love when that happens because I love sharing information that I find and learn!

  • I loved this article on Goop giving advice on how to pay off your student loans. Yes, I am 31 years old, and am still paying off loans from when I was 18. For a long time, I followed the advice of my lender. Paying off what I could, based on my income. Little did I know that those payments weren’t making ANY sort of impact on the principle of the loan, a.k.a. I was getting NOWHERE. I’ve learned so much about paying down substantial debt since then and should have my loans paid off in the next year or two. I wish this article had been published 10 years ago!
  • I found this article on The Cut very interesting about being in an open relationship in the age of social media. Sounds horrible, but the story was intriguing.
  • There was a lot on the internet this week about pregnancy/birth, parental leave, and nursing while going back to work (or quitting nursing because they are going back to work). If you have been following me on my Instagram Stories, you know that I have been very passionate about the fact that our country is the only first world country that does not mandate paid parental leave. That’s unacceptable and I am researching ways to change it.
  • Does anyone get facials regularly? If so, I want to be like you. I loved the look of this Organic Facialist’s space.
  • Do you have more feminine or masculine characteristics. I was shocked to see that I fell on the more feminine side, because I’m typically emotionally closed off and somewhat of a tomboy. Guess we can evolve afterall. Which one are you?


Photography by Julia Dags

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