I&S Tips for Shopping Sales

It’s that time of year again! With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on AND Amazon Prime Day. I wanted to write a quick post on shopping sales wisely!

It can be easy to fall into the trap of “Oh, I need this!” and “I have to buy it! Look at that price!”. It’s not your fault, the marketing works well in that way to make you think that! Be mindful of that then consider these two questions:

1. “Is this an investment piece for me?”

2. “Can I get a lot of use out of this?”

If you’re shopping the Nordstrom Sale, invest in pieces that will take you into the fall and beyond. Like blazers/cardigans, booties, fragrances, and denim. Those are all items that you can wear every year and never go out of style! If you want to buy a dress or something more “summery”, consider whether you will be able to transition it into fall first. After all, there is only half of the summer left (SORRY!).

For example, I bought a few Rebecca Taylor dresses that were all 40-50% off. 1. I know they are well made, because they are a made by a quality designer and 2. I bought them in colors like navy and deep rose so I can transition them into the fall with booties, jackets, or even over the knee boots. Two of them even have long sleeves.

If shopping Amazon Prime, again shop items that you actually need! My advice? Stick with home good items you use on the reg. Like baby formula, your favorite moisturizer, razors, and essential oils. You do not need an Amazon Echo.

Shop the Nordstrom Sale:





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