Freestyle Friday – Vol. 5

Happy Friday from I-95 in sunny South Carolina! My husband and I are currently driving to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit some dear friends that moved there from Astoria, Queens a few years ago. It’s been so nice to be in the south for the past week. The change of pace really does something great for the soul.

Vacation is also a great time to disconnect from electronics and the internet. Our Freestyle Friday is a little shorter this week and is primarily based on things that have come up in my life over the past week (skin remedies, astrological counseling, salmon jerky to name a few). Read on, because it may apply to you as well!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!

  1. Earlier this week I was hit with a bad case of heat rash and contact dermatitis on my ankles. I always try to go to natural remedies before settling for modern medicine so upon touchdown in South Carolina, I went out and bough a huge aloe leaf. Although the contact dermatitis got a little too intense for only aloe, it really has been so helpful in soothing the irritated skin. We’ve also been using it on my husband’s sunburn. Aloe is such a beautiful and multifaceted plant, I loved reading this article by the Be Well team on all of its other benefits.
  2. I’ve been speaking to an astrological counselor named Danielle Beinstein to help navigate through this summer’s eclipse season. She’s hosting a FREE call on July 11th that you should absolutely sign up for. She also does sessions via Facetime. Even if you are just interested in learning more about your chart, she’s your girl.
  3. Staying hydrated during the summer months can be difficult! I have such a hard time drinking enough water when we’re running from the beach to lunch to the pool and to dinner. I loved this Well and Good article on how to amp up your hydration through fruit salad.
  4. As an introvert and an empath, my energy gets so drained when in certain environments. Even on vacation! I loved this article from Goop on how to break free from those that suck your energy.

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