Freestyle Friday


The joys of FRIDAY. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to get home and sit on my porch in the sun.

We have a busy weekend filled with seeing all the great DADs in our life. I’m pretty excited to celebrate some really great human beings and be with family. This weekend would normally be a difficult weekend for me (as it is for a lot of people who have difficult relationships with their fathers). And I AM going to honor that, but I’m going to do a lot of focusing on the positive as well.

Cup Half Full!

I hope you enjoy this week’s Freestyle Friday! There was so much valuable information on the internet this week, so this one is pretty long.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

  1. Allergies are in full force at the moment. Read here for some awesome natural remedies from The Cut.
  2. I love a good scary movie. My husband on the other hand, does not. Well, I can’t wait to see this one even if it’s not until I can watch it in my living room alone.
  3. Prada debuted a line of yoga mats!
  4. Some helpful tips on making your summer BBQ a little healthier.
  5. A great article on Imposter Syndrome (doubting your accomplishments and feeling like a fraud no matter your intelligence or successes)!
  6. Our environment needs our help more than ever. This is a great article on how to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the quality of the ocean.
  7. If you haven’t jumped on the bulk bin band wagon yet, now is the time!

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