Freestyle Friday

After a much needed Instagram hiatus, I am back online and getting ready to head out to Mystic, CT with my husband. It’s the first time we have been back since getting married there in October. I am so ready for a lobster bomb from Ford’s, an afternoon sail on the Argia, and a ice cold beer at the Harp and the Hound with some live music playing.

Below is this week’s Freestyle Friday which includes a beautiful article from Goop addressing Postnatal Depletion, the importance of keeping your glutes strong (and exercises to do so), and of course some items I am currently lusting over.

Have a great weekend everyone ❤

  1. I had never heard of postnatal depletion (different than postpartum depression) until it was addressed on Goop this week. This article claims you can still feel the effects of unresolved postnatal depletion up to 10 years after having your child. Thankfully, they have found a way to cure it.
  2. I’ve been reigniting my passion for health and wellness lately (and buying ALL the books on Amazon to deepen my knowledge on the subject). I loved this article on The Coveteur.
  3. I found this article really interesting about the homelessness issue in San Fran. It’s amazing how quickly real estate prices have increased in that area and unfortunately, New York City is not far behind them.
  4. As a runner, I suffer from major glute weakness. I found this article on MindBodyGreen really helpful and hope to incorporate the exercises into my routine.
  5. Tuckernuck just came out with their lookbook for June and I WANT EVERYTHING.
  6. I also made my husband buy me this and I can’t be more excited for it. It’s the little things…

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