Freestyle Friday

Welcome to the first installment of Freestyle Friday!

Every week on Friday I will be sharing some of my favorite articles I read, things that I learned, and products I have my eye on.

We’re gearing up for Memorial Day over here and I could not be more excited for a long weekend. I plan on spending tomorrow all day at the pool and Sunday we have our very first Jack & Jill baby shower! I’m excited that Andrew will finally be able to join me for one.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and wishing a safe journey to all those who are traveling!

  1. This article from Darling Magazine came to me right when I needed it. Kindness can go a long way and it is always needed.
  2. Who knew massaging kale was so important?
  3. Even if you weren’t blown away by the dress, you’ll enjoy the story behind Meghan Markle’s (The Duchess of Sussex) wedding dress. Anyone else in royal wedding withdrawals?
  4. Everything is on sale at J. Crew and I am loving this, this, and this.
  5. Was The Great Gatsby home actually Westport, CT and not in Long Island??
  6. Can’t wait to make this Vegan Pad Thai
  7. An eye opening read about farm raised fish.

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