How to Get it All Done


Let’s face it, we’re all busy. I’ll be honest that I have weeks where I can easily get overwhelmed about my to-do list. And as a perfectionist, I want to give everything 110%. I’m currently on a journey of letting some things go and learning to accept when things are imperfect (which I’ll share when I get further down that road). But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my best tips for getting it all done.

Please note: I understand that all of our life pictures are different. Some of us are stay at home moms who never get time alone, some of us are working moms, some of us care for family members….but one of my core beliefs is that there is always a way to make things work, for the better, for you. If I can ever be of service to help you on your journey or to brainstorm on how to creatively make things easier, please don’t be shy and reach out to me.

  1. Time Management – the one thing that will help you most with getting it all done is time management. And the most important thing to factor when planning your time is how long a task will take you. When planning on doing a chore or running an errand, always tack on 15 or 20 mins of cushion time for yourself. You never know if there will be traffic, lines, or if that closet you decided to clean has way more stuff in it than you remembered. Adding cushion time is ONLY beneficial to you, you either finish the task on time, or early!
  2. Prioritize – One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say, “I don’t have time to do X”. I don’t believe in it. Instead of saying “I don’t have time” I say “It’s not a priority to me right now”. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Not EVERYTHING can be your priority. Prioritize your tasks based on what needs your attention and why. If you need to do a ton of laundry but you also need to get your home ready for a party, obviously getting your home ready for a party is the priority! Then, once the party is over, figure out when you can get the rest of the laundry done. It will get done, trust me.
  3. Ask for Help – this is a big one for me. It’s not always easy to relinquish control to others, especially when you like things a certain way. But sometimes, more times than not, you need to rally the troops. Enlist your husband or children to help with laundry, lawn clean up, room clean up, and errands. My mom used to send me to the yard with a trash bag to weed the driveway. Sometimes I let me husband do the laundry and do the grocery shopping. He’s also designated to the dry cleaning drop off and pick up each week. If it’s allowing me to focus on bigger priority items, then it’s a win. Maybe it won’t be done exactly how I would have done it, but it’s done! Additionally this helps create a supportive and gratitude filled environment in your home (as long as you make sure to compliment and express gratitude to your family members for helping). Remember that you’re a team.
  4. Give Yourself a Break – we’re all human and no one is perfect. Yes, social media likes to pretend that everyone lives a perfect life except for you, but its fake. Give yourself a break. Tomorrow is another day, there’s always next week. And life is too short to sweat what is essentially, in the big picture, small stuff.


Photo by Julia D’Agostino

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