Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ok, everyone, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th. Exactly 2 weeks from THIS Sunday (April 29th).

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are always the HARDEST holidays for me to shop for. You want to get something special and sweet, but not over the top.

For Mother’s Day, I always like to get something thoughtful. Something that they can use. Something that will add to their life in some way.

1. Dudley Stephens Blanket Scarf – if you don’t know this brand yet, prepare to become OBSESSED. All of their products are made of the softest fleece that is machine washable and wrinkle resistant. The Blanket Scarf can be dressed up OR down. Mine is a lifesaver at work when it’s warm outside, but still sub-zero in the office (can we all agree that the temperatures in the office need to be increased?). You can wear it as a scarf, shawl, or wrap!

2. Mark & Graham Embroidered Cosmetic Pouch – Mark & Graham is my go-to for personalized gifts. We used them to get our family gifts for being a part of our wedding in October. I just LOVE these cosmetic pouches (pictured above). They are perfect for holding the little items you need for touch ups. Add some personal touches by included a lip gloss, perfume, and oil absorbing sheets.


3. Spa Day Gift Certificate – I have gifted this to my Mother and Mother In Law so many times and they always LOVE it! My favorite combinations are massage, facial, pedicure. Get yourself one too so you can go together!

Some great spas in the area of Westchester/Fairfield/NYC:

4. Frame a Special Photo – Is there anything Mother’s love more than the family that they created? Find a photo, either of their loved ones, or of you two together and have it framed. I love using Framebridge. The frames are of beautiful quality and the shipping is fast!


Regardless of what you get, know that your Mom is going to love it because it is from you!

Dudley Stephens Scarf and Mark & Graham Photos by Julia D’Agostino

Wedding Photo by Katie Slater Photography

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