Midi Skirt Round-Up


We had a very brief taste of spring this weekend. But like most of this “spring”, it has been gone in a flash. I do still have faith that spring (or better yet, summer) WILL COME.

One of my favorite things to wear, no matter the year or season, is a midi skirt. A midi skirt is usually A-line and falls around your calf. There is just something so feminine about this shape. I think that’s because this was a popular length for women to wear in the 1950’s. And if there is something you should know about me, it’s that I wish I had lived in the 1950’s..

Just imagine….getting dressed up EVERYDAY to the nines. Drinking dainty martinis. Oozing femininity in dresses, heels, and a red lip. Throwing dinner parties. Men wearing suits everyday…ugh take me there now!

Well, since that’s not possible, I will continue to wear my midi skirts and dresses.

Below are a few that have caught my eye that can be easily dressed up or down (another thing I love about this length).


midi skirts for spring

Clockwise from Top Left:

  1. RIXO London Red Floral Midi Skirt – definitely the splurge of the group, but I love the red floral pattern and the sexy slit up the side.
  2.  Topshop Tie WaistMidi Skirt – such a great price and the colors go with practically everything!
  3. Eliza J Navy Ruffle Skirt – I LOVE this skirt. Would be super cute dressed up with heels or dressed down with a white tee and white Supergas.
  4. Wilfred Celesse Skirt from Aritzia – this brand from Canada is one of my favorites. Their fabrics are always so comfortable and don’t wrinkle (which is a big pet peeve of mine – yes I know I have wrinkles in my skirt on the pictures above lol but I still hate them).
  5. Side Button Skirt from J. Crew – see above. So cute, so comfortable, and so ON SALE.
  6. Button Skirt in Chambray from J. Crew – because Chambray is not going ANYWHERE. AND this is also ON SALE.



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