I&S Weekly Coveted

weekly coveted image

All the ladies that fill up their shopping carts online but don’t buy any of it say I!

(( hundreds of women yell I ))

Above are the items I am currently lusting over (ok, it’s only some of them). I don’t think I can hold back from purchasing those red ballet flats for much longer though (sorry, husband).

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Crystal Infused Water Bottle
  2. Free People Tunic
  3. Havana Slides
  4. Mark & Graham Striped Shirt (with monogramming!)
  5. Pretty Pink Lip from Mac
  6. Pink Bowed Blouse from Zara
  7. SKII Essence (have heard that this can literally transform your skin)
  8. Pretty Clutch from Roller Rabbit
  9. Pink Patterned Scarf from Tuckernuck (under $50!)
  10. White Gucci Bag
  11. Red French Sole Ballet Flats



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