Post Vacation Detox

Happy Tuesday!

I almost said Wednesday – but it is definitely not Wednesday.

Tuesday’s are always my toughest day of the week. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it doesn’t have the inspiration that Monday has, but it still is not even close to the end of the week.

Whatever it is, I try to snap myself out of it just as fast as I find myself feeling down.

Sometimes getting creative is the best way for me to do that – which is the reason this post was made today!

I spent the past week getting back into a healthy routine and being more conscious of what I was eating and drinking after being indulgent in the Bahamas.

Not surprisingly, I experienced some detox symptoms pretty fast (exhaustion, moodiness…)!

Yes, even just a weekend away can cause severe detox symptoms. Kind of scary stuff! It just shows how easily our bodies are affected by what we consume and what is around us.

Below are some of the guidelines I follow to get my equilibrium back:

H2O  –

When I return from vacation I kick my hydration efforts into high gear. I drink water the moment I wake and continue drinking water and herbal tea the entire day. I even chug one down before I go to bed (also helps to wake up earlier to work out!) This helps me replenish any fluids I lost while enjoying drinks in the sun. And it also helps with flushing the system out. On the first day of this, by mid-day I am already feeling 75% better. Just from drinking water!

Probiotics –

Flying and eating food you aren’t used to can really mess with the microbiome in your gut. So I always up my probiotics in some way. Last week I was lucky enough to have Suja Daybreka Probiotic available at my office. I drank one each morning. It contains water, lemon juice, probiotics, cayenne and a little maple syrup. All wonderful things that aid digestion, alkalize the body and stimulate the metabolism.

Epsom Baths –

I just posted on Instagram how much I LOVE taking baths. They are a non-negotiable for me. I have to take one every night to clear my energy and shift into “downtime”. Not only are they relaxing, but they also help you sweat and detoxify! If you don’t have access to a bath tub, you can also dry brush and take a shower with essential oils (lavender or jasmine). Another great option (if you belong to a gym) is a sauna.

Work it Out –

Even though I felt sluggish on return from vacation, working out and moving my body was a necessity. I did kundalini and vinyasa yoga each morning and did not take a rest day until Sunday. I also made the conscious decision to walk more rather than take a cab. Get your workouts in, even if it is just 20 minutes and find ways to be just a little more active on top of that.

Clean Eating –

When I get back from vacation, the last thing my body wants are foods with complicated ingredients and rich sauces. It wants clean and plain. So that’s what I have. Lots of salads, lots of juices, smoothies each morning, apple slices with cinnamon. By Wednesday or Thursday, I was eating lean meats again but always accompanied with an abundance of vegetables.

So, there you have it!

All pretty simple, rational things.

I think the hard part about bouncing back from vacation is because we feel the need to restrict, then we fall back into not so healthy habits or binge. Or we have cravings for the things we treated ourselves to because they are highly addictive.

As long as you start and continue with healthy habits as soon as you get back the healthy habit will grow and you’ll be feeling more like yourself in no time.

I hope this serves you in one way or another.

I’m off for a ski trip this weekend for my birthday – more on that next week!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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