Happy Thursday! All day I have felt like it’s Wednesday and am even happier whenever I see that it is, in fact, Thursday and almost another weekend.

In my opinion, all work weeks should be 4 days long!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I was off in the Bahamas this weekend. Yes, only for the weekend. But trust me, when you haven’t seen the sunshine since Labor Day and likely aren’t going to until the Summer, any amount you can get is good enough!

Honestly, a weekend trip to the Bahamas from New York is much easier than most expect. Direct flights are just under 3 hours from JFK. If you hop on the 6am, you land at 9am and are on the beach by 1130am. That’s basically like gaining an entire extra day without paying for an extra night at the hotel!

We stayed at Atlantis, which can be pricey. But with all of the amenities included (complimentary breakfast, 11 Pools, 4 Beaches, Casino, 5 Star Restaurants, Large Guest Rooms with Ocean Views) we found it worth the splurge.

Eating well and staying healthy on vacation isn’t easy. You still want to indulge a bit, but you want to feel good too. Below I have outlined a bit of what I ate and drank over the weekend:


When on vacation at a hotel or resort, I typically start my day with water and an omelet with any vegetables they have available. If I want to have toast, I choose Rye over whole wheat. This is because Rye has a lower glycemic index. Sometimes I skip toast altogether and have fruit. Filling up on eggs (protein) is the best way to stay satisfied and you are less likely to binge later. If you can get your hands on avocado then even better! The fat/protein combo is always a winner.

Stay away from just eating fruit or bread. Carbs (including fruit) will spike your blood sugar only for it to crash again, leading to a binge or eating something because it is quick rather than nutritious.

If you prefer to have yogurt, get plain. The only yogurts I saw at the resort had added fruit preserves which are full of sugar as well. So I steered clear of those.

Most resorts/hotels/vacation spots have a Starbucks, which serves oatmeal and assorted breakfast sandwiches. To avoid a sugar crash from the oatmeal, mix in just the nuts rather than the brown sugar and dried fruits (ALL SUGAR). Maybe grab a breakfast sandwich and just eat the middle (the egg and cheese).


Honestly, we were eating breakfast super late, so we typically didn’t eat lunch. Throughout the day I would load up on water (and have an afternoon cocktail). We would have a snack around 3-4pm which consisted of Caesar Salads. Again, not the most ideal option, but we were getting our veggies in! Just have the dressing served on the side (use sparingly) and remove the croutons.


Being in the Bahamas, we ate A LOT of seafood. As you can see below, we ate mainly fish dishes with sides of vegetables. Again, enough to keep us satisfied but also nourished! If we had dessert, we reserved ourselves to 2 or 3 bites.


It’s easy to get pulled into the delicious looking daiquiris and pina coladas – but trust me, your gut will not be happy! I had ONE during the whole weekend and ended up feeling bloated the rest of the weekend.Not fun when you want to look your best!

The rest of the time I stuck to the simple things like white wine/rose, vodka sodas with EXTRA lemon and if you still want a specialty drink, opt for a mojito with very little simple syrup.


Don’t you want to feel your best on vacation? I do! And exercise makes me feel good! Typically, I bring my sneakers and workout clothes and use the gym (even for a quick 20 minute run). This time around, since we were just there 3 days, I only brought some yoga pants to do a little bit of Kundalini yoga and stretching. I really wish I had brought my sneakers to do some running outside, so I definitely learned my lesson. I didn’t utilize it this trip, but YouTube is also a great resource when looking for hotel room workouts. Tracy Anderson has some great videos that you can do in your pajamas. If you don’t want to designate a workout time, walking and stretching are great forms of getting your body moving and one (stretching) you can even do in bed!

I hope that this serves you in one way or another! Below are more pics from the trip along with links to some outfits I can’t wait to bring back when the weather warms up in New York!

Next week I’ll give some post-vacation detox tips (which I am knee deep in right now 🙂 )

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend!




Kicking the vacation off with a refreshing margarita!

 Dinner at Nobu (Greens, Sashimi w/ Cilantro Sauce and Mini Lobster Tacos)


 Local Snapper with Fennel at Jean Georges Restaurant Cafe Martinique


Kundalini Yoga in my new Fabletics leggings


Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret Hat: J.Crew Factory Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Dress: Three Eighty Two Shoes: Schutz


Bathing Suit: Nanette Lepore

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