What I Ate and Wedding Attire

TGIF!!!! Happy Friday Everyone!

I never really understood the term “Happy Friday” until I started working Monday through Friday. From the moment I wake up on Friday’s there’s an energy in the air. Like, YES !!!

That energy can sometimes make me want to throw caution to the wind and just go crazy! Let loose!

Which I do, but in moderation.

Last Friday was no exception. Below is a little peek into what I had:



Eggs with avocado slices and strawberries. Fat and protein are a great way to stay full for longer.



Kale and Goji Berry Salad massaged with Olive Oil and a side of Dal (stewed yellow lentils!)


Cheese Plate

I LOVE to start my Friday off with a cheese plate. The weekend is really the only time that I have cheese since I know that it doesn’t make me feel that great. But its just SO GOOD. So I order good quality cheeses (preferably made from Goat or Sheep’s Milk) and make it fun. We try different types of cheese almost every week. The left is an Herbed French Brie and the one on the right is Schweizer Gold – which was unbelievable and definitely our favorite. Of course nothing compliments a cheese plate more than a couple of slices of Prosciutto and a nice glass of Malbec!


For the main course we baked organic chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper. For our sides we made homemade french fries from Red Potatoes and a Mixed Greens Salad. For my dressing, I simply tossed the greens with White Truffle Oil (you will learn very quickly that I am OBSESSED with truffles) and salt and pepper.


We actually didn’t have any! When I am drinking wine, I try to make that my “treat”. Otherwise, having both can be somewhat indulgent (therefore I only do it on special occasions). This trick was actually something that I read in an article about Kate Hudson. She said that in Paris, she was enjoying every morsel of all the food and wine. A French woman came over and pointed to her wine “that is your dessert”. I, personally, take any tips from the French about moderation to heart. Especially when it comes to food/drink – learn to savor and enjoy!

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to help our friends Kevin and Andrea celebrate their wedding in Albany, New York. The venue was gorgeous, the bride was stunning, and the playlist for the dance floor was TOP NOTCH.


It’s never easy figuring out what to wear to a wedding – especially a winter wedding. This time around I kept it very simple and comfortable.

Here’s What I Wore:

Black and Green Silk DressBCBG (This is a gift from a friend that I have worn over and over again. Unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found on the internet!)

Pearl and Crystal EarringsJ.Crew

Mini HandbagPrada (personally not a fan of clutches, I prefer something I can throw on my shoulder and forget about! Makes mingling during cocktails and hors d’ourves much easier!)

Shoes Christian Louboutin (Hey, it’s not everyday I get to bust these out! I’m going to wear them even if it’s winter!)

What is your go-to for wedding attire? What do you like to treat yourself to on Friday’s?

Have a great weekend!


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