Add More Movement To Your Day, In an Unexpected Way

Happy Sunday!

You may be wondering where I have been. The truth is I launched myself into a place I never envisioned myself being. The finance industry.

I entered the world that most of you live in everyday. Sitting at a desk from 8-5, two computer screens blaring in my face.

Needless to say, adjusting and incorporating healthy living is a little different on this clock. However, slowly but surely I am finding my way.

Which brings about my Wellness Maven Revival…HALLELUJAH

I used to give advice to people in this position, I made it sound so much easier than knowing exactly what it was like to be in that position.

Well, now I am. As I keep learning I will continue to share whatever knowledge I can about how to live in the modern day 8-5, 8-7, 9-9 world that we live in.

First topic up for discussion?

Stretch Breaks!

How many of you, like me, are pretty much shackled to your desk for majority of the day?

Mhmm. Yeah. Drives me freaking mental.

Not only is this trend in the corporate world unhealthy, it also causes us to gain weight, is terrible for our circulation, causes obesity, weight gain around the midsection, and is straight up unnatural.

After a full day of desk sitting I feel like I am about to crawl out of my own skin.

So, whenever I head to the bathroom I be sure to give myself a little stretch break.

~I reach my arms up over my head and bend over to either side, lengthening out through my side ribs.

~I bend down and touch my toes to get the circulation moving in the other direction.

~I do some standing spinal twists to get some movement along my spine.

~I may even do 15-20 squats.

All while being in the bathroom stall.

Odd, I know. But anything to get some blood pumping!

If you’re an avid water drinker (mucho importante as well), you should be making plenty of trips to the restroom, which adds up to quite a bit of stretching and up to 100 squats during the day!

It can also makes a plain, old bathroom break seem more exciting and you will probably return to your desk with an added boost of energy.

Give it a try and let me know how you feel in the comments below.

Have questions? Ask me below or shoot me a message.

Stay Loose,

The Wellness Maven

2 thoughts on “Add More Movement To Your Day, In an Unexpected Way

  1. I used to do that at the law firm all the time! And if no one was around I used the whole bathroom and did a few yoga poses. Felt a little silly if someone came in but it also felt great! Definitely needed the stretching!

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