The Attitude Is Gratitude



It’s hard to believe that we are already entering our second week of 2014.

With a new year brings new aspirations. Another chance to get it right, another opportunity to change your life.

We set resolutions with the intention to be kinder, save more money, take that vacation, or lose that unwanted weight.

We set these intentions to fill our lives with that which we think is lacking.

We make these promises to help us reach ultimate abundance.

Last week a friend and I attended a workshop at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York City. The workshop was called “Yoga for Abundance and Miracles” and was based around the Kundalini tradition of yoga. Together we set intentions and opened our hearts. I left feeling like my head was in the clouds and my heart was full of gratitude.

As I continued my week, I started to make my way through Gabby Bernstein’s book May Cause Miracles. As I scrolled through Day 4: The Attitude Is Gratitude, I started to uncover the secret to receiving abundance.

To be abundant you must first acknowledge what you already have with gratitude.

My mind was blown upon this realization.

Abundance is not about asking and then receiving, it’s about saying thank you for what you already have.

When you say thank you, your heart fills and you cannot possibly think of anything else that you need. It also opens you up to receiving and creates a higher vibration. A higher vibration increases the likelihood that you will attract the things you most desire.

There are a couple of easy ways to practice gratitude on a regular basis:

  1. Gratitude Journal– Every morning or evening take out a notebook and write down a few things that you are grateful for. This can be as simple as your morning cup of tea or the fact that you even woke up that morning. If you find your mind zoning in on the negative, try looking at that “negative” experience from a different perspective. What did a not-so-perfect moment teach you that day? Were you running late and forgot a whole project at home? Take this opportunity to learn from these experiences. Instead of putting yourself down, forgive yourself and make the promise to yourself that you are going to schedule your time more efficiently. If you focus on only the positive, you will feel full and will vibrate positivity.
  2. Open Your Heart– Inevitably, our computer driven society is breeding a population of hunchbacks. When our shoulders are curling forward our chests become closed off. This makes it extremely difficult to share and receive love, gratitude and compassion. Become conscious of this body behavior. Every so often throughout your day take a moment to practice the following yoga postures and practices: Bring your shoulders up to your ears, then draw them back down the back. Inhale deeply into your chest, expanding your rib cage all the way up to your collarbones. Stand up, interlace your hands behind the back, draw the shoulders down the back once again and inhale to puff of the chest. 
  3. Share Gratitude– This is similar to a gratitude journal, but instead of keeping it to yourself, share your gratitude list out loud to your friends, loved ones, or pets. For some reason, it holds a different meaning when you say it out loud. Start the tradition with your family at dinner time by asking them what the favorite part of their day was. Exchange your gratitude with your significant other in bed before you shut your eyes (my favorite). When you practice this exercise you are sharing the feeling of joy and gratitude with others which makes you feel joyful and abundant in return.

With Love and an Abundance of Gratitude,

Your Maven

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