Logging Off…For Now


As you may have noticed I haven’t posted a new recipe of the week and the velocity of my posts have been slowing (unless you follow me on Facebook and Instagram). This isn’t out of laziness or lack of inspiration, it is because of finals and term papers.

As many of you know, I am finishing college this year. This is something I have put off for quite some time now. This semester I am taking 20 credits and then one last and final 3 week course starting immediately after I walk in cap and gown.

During these finals weeks, I will be giving it my all and will be focusing on staying present and enjoying the remainder of my time at Purchase. This school is a place I have come to love very much. I can’t believe how much I am going to miss it.

Of course I will post whenever I can, but not until after this week.

Yup, this week I am treating myself to a full blown social media detox. No Instagram, no Facebook, no twitter, no Pinterest. Although I find so much inspiration through so many other people, their posts, and their lives. I also find myself wanting to live in their world, do what they’re doing, or comparing myself to them. None of these things are very healthy and I am sick of pressing the reload button.

This week will be the most present I have been in years and I am so excited for it. This week will give me the opportunity to live and focus on my life and my present. It also gives me time to discover what I have to offer as an individual, how I want to move forward with my life and this wellness business/inspiration and to strengthen my mindfulness muscles. How exciting does that sound? If its possible, I invite you all to join me in this detox.

Of course I will miss sharing the inspiration that inspires me each day with you, but I know by the time I get back I will have even more wonderful things to share (Ill be writing them all down 😉

Be Well
Be Happy
Be Present
And Love

Your Maven

One thought on “Logging Off…For Now

  1. Hi Kathleen! I think focus is such an important quality that is easy to lose these days. But in my opinion multi-tasking is so 20th century 😉 I love immersing myself into the task at hand, getting super focused and seeing the amazing results that clear focus brings.
    xx Elisa

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