Daily Inspiration: Let There Be Light

“You want to scare away the vampires, simply guide them into the light”


I was going to post something called A Day on My Plate. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. I

t’s Friday and beautiful out. I doubt that’s what anyone wants to see.:-)

Today has been the first 60 degree day here in New York and I think we have all needed it. It’s funny how on that first warm day filled with sunshine everyone can be seen smiling, laughing, even the radio is playing more uplifting music. There is positivity flowing through all of us, all because of a little light. I know I am feeling it.

So today I am saying to you and myself to enjoy it.

Be Young (NO matter how old you are)

Be Free

Laugh hysterically

Feel the abundance of joy in your life

Do what you love

Spend time with those you love

Spend time outside and connect with nature

Soak in the sun

Play like you’re a child

And admire all that is in your life

Even if that is just being alive



The next time you find yourself down or you find yourself complaining about the heat, remember this day. The gratitude you felt. And remember that it won’t be your last.

Everyday could be like this.

So let’s start today.

*The above picture is me playing in the dirt this morning. I caught pincha (forearm stand) for two breaths. But as I realized this I was saying to myself “Oh f*&% I’m holding it!” and SPLAT! The last picture made me smile when I discovered it and was grateful my camera captured it. In yoga and in life you must always remember to smile and not take yourself so seriously, what would be the fun in that?*

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