Daily Inspiration- This one’s for the ladies


“To increase balance within, surround yourself with all possibility; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You are a Divine Goddess, empower yourself!”

Surround yourself with those who love and support you.

Believe in yourself and all of the strength you possess.

Remain open to learning new things, but still knowing that you are intelligent.

Take care of your body and most importantly LOVE your body. Women tend to fall victim to “fat talk” among each other. Stop it. Your body is beautiful and you aren’t doing it any favors by putting it down.

Connect to something spiritually. Even if that is being inspired by the courageous women of the past. Believe in something bigger than you. Not something that is “out to get you” but something that has your back. You can believe in anything you like and none of them are wrong. Just remember that they are always smiling upon you, supporting you and protecting you.

I have never been much of a feminist but I saw this the other day and it felt so good to read and repeat to myself.

I am a Divine Goddess.

How beautiful does that make you feel?

Take it with you today and recognize it in your fellow Goddesses.

We are all the same. Which as women we have been brought up not to see that, but we are.

The more you shine light on the good of others, the more light will be shined upon you.

You can recognize it in men too.

We are all miracles made out of love.

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