Daily Inspiration


Sleep is the best meditation

-Dalai Lama

As we say goodbye to the strongest point of the full moon I wanted to touch on the importance of sleep, especially during full and new moons. Sleep is essential for your body. I know you know this, but how many of us get our full 8 hours?
Sleep is our body’s time to repair itself, to process everything that has gone in during the day, and detox. Even though we are sleeping our bodies are working hard and so are our brains. Without sleep we are tired, depressed, and most likely overweight.
If you are not feeling well, sleep. How often do we feel something coming on and can just ‘sleep it off’? I did this yesterday. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I spent the entire day in the city, trying yoga studios for yoga training. On my way home I began to feel ill and began to pale. I ate dinner, grabbed some ginger and lemon tea, and went straight to bed. This morning I woke up at 6 and felt like a new woman. It made me think of how beautiful sleep is an how much we need it.
If you can’t get 8 hours, get 7 at the least. And if you have problems going to sleep try some relaxation techniques. Such as breathing exercises, drinking chamomile tea, smelling some lavender, or repeating a quiet mantra as you lay with your eyes closed.

How many hours do you get a night?

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