Daily Inspiration-Monster Moons + A Simple Meditation for Protection

Full Moon
When God gives good times, He wants you to forget him and sleep. When God gives you bad times, He wants you to wake up and face him.
-Yogi Bhajan

<div style="text-align:center;" Tonight is a full moon and we can already feel the effects. Full Moons can be a beautiful disaster area. They are meant to help you release the old, to dream big, and embrace the new. But letting go can also be hard.

Depending on where this full moon is it can also bring hardship. It can bring out things that you have been ignoring, things that need to be dealt with and then tossed away.
I had an interesting experience yesterday, without even knowing it was a full moon. It began with a dream I had on Monday night, where it was dark and the bridge I was supposed to cross was flooded. I spent the rest of the dream attempting to swim to the other side (a lot of representation here). As I woke I pushed the dream out of my mind and went about my day. But I didn’t feel like myself, I felt disconnected and couldn’t bring myself back. As I thought about this later in astrological terms I realized that I am a Pisces and my moon, which governs my emotions, is Aquarius. Pisces is a water sign and although an Aquarius is an air sign, they are known as the water bearers. This could explain why I was more affected by this moon than others. I couldn’t figure out how to shake this funk I was in. I was hoping some aromatherapy would help. I had just bought 4 new candles at a local new age type store. The 4 I bought were Inspiration, Protection, Blessing, and Water. I was drawn to the Water candle and thought if I lit it would help me “go with the flow” and be more fluid, just like water. A shift occurred after I lit this candle and a difficult experience was thrown into my lap. At first I was upset, I thought there was just no hope for today and I should just go to bed and wait for tomorrow. But the more I thought about it and thought of where the day had taken me, I realize I had been guided to that moment. It was actually a lesson and I was so lucky to have discovered it. So in true Full Moon fashion, I let go.
As the puzzle came together, it was such a relief. I felt protected by the universe and I can still feel that protection now. I practiced a short meditation this morning that I wanted to share. You could do this for 5-10 minutes or longer. It would be great to do at any stressful moment in your life or during full moons.
The mantra is “I am protected by love”
-Sit in a comfortable position
-Close your eyes
-Begin to become aware of your breath
-Inhale through your nose to the count of 3
-Hold for 3
-Exhale the breath for 3
-Repeat that 2 more times
-Let your body relax starting from your feet, to your legs, to your bottom, to your torso, then your shoulders, then your head.
-Imagine that a forcefield is around you. It can be any color and any shape. But negativity cannot come through. Only Love.
-Begin to repeat the mantra “I am protected by love”
-Sit, breath, and if your thoughts wander come back to the mantra
-When the time has passed (keep an alarm on your phone or something), let go of the mantra
-Come back to your breath
-Open your eyes to the count of 6
-And Smile đŸ™‚
How has the full moon effected you this month?