Daily Inspiration

Spring Detox Smoothie


“I trust the wisdom of my body”

– 21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Although it doesn’t feel much like Spring here in New York, the first day of spring was on Wednesday the 20th. It’s still cold and there is a chance for snow on Monday but there is still hope for warmer temperatures in the chirping of the birds each morning.

I have already began my spring detoxing for the year. In Ayurveda, which is a traditional medicine system native to India, spring is the time of the year that we detox from the winter. It gets us ready for summer and sheds those extra layers we adding during the winter to keep us warm. Mother Nature has also provided us with some great sources of detoxifying foods at this time of year such as sprouts and berries.

This morning I decided to whip up a smoothie to get me going and I must admit that this may become a staple of mine until June.

Spring Detox Smoothie

Serving Size- 1

What you will need:

1 stalk of kale

Golf ball size of alfalfa sprouts

4 strawberries

Half a banana

Handful of dandelion greens

Half a cup of almond milk

Place everything in a blender and blend!

If you don’t have enough liquid, just keep adding little bits of water until it gets to a consistency you are comfortable with. I didn’t add ice cubes to mine, but feel free to do so.

This smoothie is awesome because it has all the vitamins, minerals, and detoxifying properties we are looking for at this time of year. The strawberries provide us with vitamins A, C, and B-complex while also helping break down excessive toxins in the liver. The kale eases lung congestion, for those with allergies. The sprouts have cooling properties that are full of enzymes and detoxify the whole body, especially the liver. Dandelion greens are powerhouses, that we should all consume more of. They are an effective diuretic, stimulate liver function, reduce inflammation, are useful in the treatment of gout and acne, AND are used to treat, and prevent, breast and lung tumors. Of course bananas provide us potassium, so this smoothie would be great pre or post workout.

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