Daily Inspiration


How often do we compare ourselves to others? And in that comparison think of yourself as less than that person? Whether we have less, feel like we look less, or have less of a personality than that person, it’s not true.

When you recognize something you admire about a person, tell them. Support them and in return they will support you.Don’t be jealous, because no matter what it is, it is something that you can acquire.

This is always such a sticky subject to talk about because people don’t want to admit their insecurities. But the truth is everybody has them. This is especially common among girls who are socialized to talk down other girls. But what’s the point? Just to feel better about ourselves? Does it honestly make us feel better to talk badly about another person? Wouldn’t it make you feel better, from the heart, to see the best in people? To compliment them on their dress or accomplishments?

The one comparing you to others and putting you down isn’t really you, it’s your ego. And your ego is an asshole. Who you really are is love and where you really come from is love.

Honor yourself by seeing the good in people. If you happen to see bad in some people try to find something, anything, you can appreciate about them. Or imagine yourself in their shoes. Be the example in your actions and maybe next time that person will reflect that action in the next scenario. It’s a ripple effect. You could possibly have a major impact on how people treat each other on the road and in the subway. Doesn’t that sound cool?

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