Weekend Inspiration

Miracles occur in the subtle shifts

-Gabby Bernstein

Some may think that miracles need to be this larger than life event. But really miracles are the subtle shifts in perception and consciousness. It could be seeing the bright side of a not so perfect situation or recognizing that an unhealthy habit is no longer serving you. These are the first steps to something better but these small miracles are no less important than the big miracle that they make.

Today wasn’t the best yoga practice I had ever done no matter how hard I tried to make that my intention. But instead of feeling frustrated with my mind and body I focused on the positive aspects of it and what I had done really well. There was one small part that I had been overlooking. I had actually done a pose that I had never done before or thought I had the strength to do (see picture below) and it actually all happened by accident. I really only got into that position after trying to catch myself from falling. It then have me confidence to practice that pose some more and to perfect it.

I am so grateful for that falling moment because it made me recognize a strength I didn’t know I had, and sometimes that shift, or miracle, is all you need to recognize that.

How will you shift your perception today to witness a miracle?


One thought on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. Today I am speaking greatness into my life. Only positive words will be used to guide me to success. I find that this changes the whole thought process and sets me up for blessings and miracles. It works for everyone : )

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