Day In The Life Of Yoga



I have been practicing yoga everyday for over a month now. Although it was something I intended for the sake of my sanity while completing my B.A. in Liberal Studies I tend to go in phases with my fitness. One month I love running, the next I’m a ballerina, now I am a full-fledged yogi. 

A couple of weeks ago during a hot vinyasa class my teacher mentioned that the way you approach your mat and your yoga practice represent how you are in your daily life. I brushed it off thinking that there was no way. But as our hour and a half practice went on I began to realize that it was true. I was mimicking some of my habits in my daily life. As we began our practice as usual I started out strong. Mastering every pose fiercly and doing my best chattarungas to updog to downward facing dog vinyasa. I felt amazing. The heat felt fantastic. Then around 45 minutes I start to fade. Now granted, this is a hot vinyasa class, during the summer, so it’s hot in there. And I always just figured that I wasn’t THAT great at hot yoga, but I loved the feeling after so I kept going back. But I still felt like I shouldn’t have been fading and at 25 years old I should definitely be strong enough to get through an entire hot yoga class! It all became clear, as my favorite teacher Renee would say, I have been blowing my yoga load in the first 45 minutes. As I started to work on changing this slowly in the next classes, I started to reflect on how I do this in my daily life. 

It became so clear how my practice on the mat mirrors my daily life. It happens with my fitness habits, I run and run and run until I get tired of it and decide to change gears. I do ballet twice a week and then a month and a half later I am over it. I get my mind wrapped around something new and am so passionate about it that it is the only thing I can focus on for the coming weeks. In some aspects, these are great qualities to have. I become passionate, and those passions make me extremely driven and refusing to back down until I get the prize that my eye is on. But something usually happens along the way. I burn out. I start a lot of things but don’t tend to finish them. It has happened with my education. I have wanted to BE so many things but have burned out with those as well. I won’t deny the fact that I am a late bloomer, but I needed to start focusing, keeping calm, and practice some life endurance.

So that is where I am directing my drive and passion now. Trying to not “blow my yoga load” and making my energy last. Not burning myself out. Taking it one day, hour, minute, and second at a time. Where have I been starting? On the mat. My theory is, if I can slow down in my yoga practice and not let my endorphins get the best of me and enjoy the entirety of the class, I will then master that in my daily life. 

Take a look at how you approach your exercise of preference. What patterns do you see in your actions? Is there anything you would like to change? Or are you happy with the way that you present yourself? We all live with our own patterns and habits. Some are good for us and some could use some tweaking. Find out what yours are and don’t be afraid to try to change them.

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